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In the days leading up to writing this piece, I could not decide what words I would string together to convey just how much I adore you.

Would I start by saying how you have always been my number 1 fan? How there is no feat you consider unattainable for your children? Or perhaps, I would tread the conventional route and structure this piece in prose form describing the qualities I cherish most about you:

My mother is loving

My mother is generous

My mother is …no, this doesn’t quite do you justice because you are far from conventional.

My mum will have you laughing hysterically within minutes of a conversation. The leading actress in her own movie, she contorts her face portraying emotions so perfectly suited to the story. Comedy comes so naturally to her, such a precious gift.

When I look back at some of my favourite moments in life, most of them are of her telling a joke and my family struggling to hold back the tears. Thank you for surrounding me with laughter.

My friends often say to me “You are such a mummy” and until now I thought it a casual sentence, something I’d always known about myself but recently I asked myself, where did I cultivate this “motherly” behaviour from? I certainly don’t have kids…so where could I have learnt to put the needs of others before my own? To open my home that friends may feel like family? To surround the ones I love with positive and encouraging thoughts? To value family? The “motherly” me, a part of myself that I take so much pride in, I learnt by watching my mummy. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is and making me excited about motherhood.

Thank you for all your sacrifices, both seen and unseen. I pray that God will reward you immensely and keep you for us. I cherish the warmth of your heart and will forever call it home.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Mothers’ Day Mum!

All my love,



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