Privilege often offers a smoke screen to the many struggles of being Nigerian. For instance, in a household where generators and diesel are not considered luxuries, it’s extremely easy to forget that more than half the country continues to live without education, food and electricity supply. For the group of Nigerian students at Nottingham University, their placement has borne the desire to help their larger community and led to non profit organisation, Liter of Light Nigeria.

Building on the work already done last year in Makoko when they developed 100 sustainable and affordable solar-powered lighting units to the Makoko community through empowered 30 individuals with the skill set and initiative to identify readily available resources in their environs, Liter of Light shall make the move to Tarkwa Bay this summer.

To succeed at lighting up Tarkwa Bay, a community that presents unique problems in that its only current source of electricity is combustion of fossil fuels, with 100 street lights, a £15000 campaign has been launched today and shall go on for the next month.

Donations can be made at different levels with a £500 pledge resulting in a choosing the name of a street light and other incentives.

The mission Liter of Light has the summer is one we should all get behind. Find out more about the project and donate here.