Lynxxx Returns With Boj-Assisted ‘She Likes’

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In the past decade, we’ve seen Lynxxx go from a trendsetter with his breakout hit, Change Your Parade to an entrepreneur with next to no affiliations with music, to a staunch Christian vocal about his beliefs and now back to where he started in public eye- music. He breaks his musical silence with a BOJ-assisted love song titled She Likes.

On the Spax produced song, Lynxxx goes back to the drawing board to equip himself with the weapons – including his profitable penchant for sleazy but somehow charming lyrics and an affinity for mid-tempo percussion-driven pop production – he uses to tackle the shortcomings the track’s muse thinks he possesses.

In a manner that masks his long absence from the industry and a great synergy shared between himself and collaborator, BOJ- Lynxxx paces his solid delivery in a way that fuses perfectly with BOJ’s introductory verse.

While both artists share the spotlight on the potential hit, Boj takes nothing away from Lynxxx’s return dazzled by a stable, stellar performance which he claims is the first of many and first off his upcoming project, Summer Time Vibes.


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