While almost every one in the DMW crew rides on an almost stale and reinforced wavelength, Mayorkun sets himself apart from the lethargic nature of their recent releases and pushes the bar a notch higher with the crisp and comedic video for Fantasy; the second of his earlier released dual offerings; Posh and Fantasy; with a cameo appearance from trend setter; Olu Maintain who along with the Yahoozee references and samples inspires a wave of nostalgia.

As Mayorkun throws us back to mid millennium, in a dreamlike frenzy, he escapes to a fantasized setting of his desired lifestyle; going from Poolside Boy to a wealthy party starter and with direction from Clarence Peters who takes cues from the Yahooze video released in 2007, he grinds along to Kiddominant’s bass guitars and drums while the scene extras draw inspiration from Mayorkun and Olu Maintain’s elated moods and set the scenes on fire.