Hello ladies and gentlemen, sweet baby boys and girls!

My name is Sheri Bradshola but you, my friends, can call me Sisi Sheri. I am here to help you navigate the treacherous and mysterious waters of dating. Now, you might be thinking ‘another blog about dating? Ugh’. Well yes ah, what is it? As if you won’t be even a little bit curious.

You see, I love love and all that comes with it, but the road to love is filled with many pot holes and check points, so we all need a little bit of help navigating. Moreover, some of you are very mad and I am going to be the one to tell you.

This column is for those of us in the search for “the one”. I will share my own stories from the front line and borrow some stories from my friends. Between us, we’ve seen everything from the ones who will use Lagos Big Boy to wash and destabilize your entire destiny, to those cheeky vampires who only want you to ‘come through’ at ungodly hours. Way back in ‘08, we even had the rare ‘love at first date’. (They have since broken up, because life is not a Disney film)

More than anything, I want to hear from you! Share your stories, ask for advice. You can trust that it will all be anonymous and what not, but I will keep it 100. Do not be surprised to find that I have pointed out your stupidity and more than likely used it to entertain others (and myself 🙂 ). Not to worry though, I’ve got your back!

So, whether you’re recovering from a recent heartbreak via an internship at the Bad Girls Club, or a white agbada clad Yoruba demon, or you’re even a cynic like me who deep down believes the real thing is out there, stick with me! We are in for a good time. At the very least, you will have a laugh and you never know, you might even learn something.

See you soon!

Sisi Sheri



Editor’s Note: Sisi Sheri can be reached at sheri.bradshola@culturecustodian.com. Please, send in your stories and any sticky situations you need advice for.