Pushing boundaries and derailing from the theme, something the Met Gala guests are known for.

The carpets rolled out at the year’s edition the theme being, HEAVENLY BODIES : FASHION AND THE CATHOLIC IMAGINATION.

I was looking forward to everything From The Antichrist to a Priest burning incense but imagine going for the most important fashion event and attending in a prom dress. Here are my favorites and the completely unacceptable looks from the Met Gala.


I mean it’s fair to begin with this year’s host/co-chair.

Rih has always being a show-stopper showing up in dresses only Rihanna Robyn Fenty can pull off. This year, I think her stylists played it safe by going with this Margiela cape and pope hat.

I didn’t think it had the “WOW” I was expecting from her.

Verdict : 6/10 shoutout to the Body Lava Glow though.

Priyanka Chopra :

Priyanka’s look reminds me of a rich baroness that comes to confess after murdering her husband. I love this Ralph Lauren dress and how the color flatters her skin tone.

The Gold hood reportedly took 250 hours to make and it was totally worth it! She owned it!!!

Verdict : 9/10.

Chadwick Boseman :

Amen, Chadwick, AMEN!

T’cha… Chadwick, sorry, came all the way through. I have gotten so used to men ignoring themed events and setting with a tuxedo, I half expected this and just kept looking out for the women. But, Chadwick, Oh Lord!

He looks like a priest that you’d want to confess to even if you haven’t done anything bad. Clad in Ornate Versace and Christian Louboutin, He delivered.

“Is this your king?” Yes, YESS!!!

Verdict: 9/10

Jared Leto :

Jesus, Is that you?!

Jared’s hair and full luscious beard remind me of what we think Jesus looked like. I honestly give him props for taking bold choices – something the guys are lacking.

He wore a head-to-toe Gucci ensemble and that crown, LORD!!! Jesus definitely resurrected.

I’m pretty sure this is the first thing you see at the gates of Heaven.

Verdict: 9/10

Cardi B :

Yes, Queen Mother!

I don’t know why I thought of Julien Macdonald when I saw this look, the embellishments is so him. Anyway, Cardi was all tiddays ; everything bouncing in abundance.

She looked absolutely radiant and I think the only reason she was able to pull this off was because, pregnancy (Remember Beyoncé did a similar look at the Grammys last year?).

Jeremy Scott spared no detail in the custom Moschino ensemble.

Verdict : 9.5/10

Blake Lively:

I was not impressed. If this was a regal-themed Met Gala, She’ll be PERFECT.

This look reminds me of one of the many spouses of Henry VIII but, this doesn’t change the fact that Blake’s fashion sense has improved over the years. This custom Versace dress is perfection but for the event, NOPE!

Verdict: 5/10

Amal Clooney :

Where do I begin?

Amal has probably been a bit “experimental” with her style recently from The famous satin romper to the denim shorts but this, look has me totally confused.

The “foil” corset, The navy pants and the long floral train that her twins were reportedly hiding under. We all look up to Amal but not Amal in that “dress”.

Verdict: Unacceptable, 2/10

Selena Gomez :

Holy Tan!

All I saw on Twitter about Selena Gomez’s look was how her tan didn’t match her feet and her overly bronzed makeup.

I was also super worried when I heard she’ll be wearing a custom dress from Coach. This is dress had the droopiest neckline and isn’t glamorous enough for the Met Gala. Overall, Selena looked pretty. Channeling Queen Esther that I have no idea how she relates to the theme but pretty.

I think she looked way better in her pictures before the event than she did on the red carpet.

Verdict: 4/10

Janelle Monáe :

The flying nun, anyone?

Miss Janelle has NEVER disappointed, She keeps Serving looks after looks. This year, she stayed true to her monochromatic self in a custom Marc Jacobs ensemble.

She came and did what needed to be done!

Verdict: 9/10

Zendaya :

Why hello, Joan Arc!

Everyone can go home now! Zendaya came all the way through in this custom-made Versace gown channeling one of Catholicism’s renowned icons, Saint Joan of Arc. Safe to say, The theme was interpreted word-for-word.

This look is so original and I absolutely love it

Verdict : 10/10

Which Look did it for you an which one had you screaming “oh hell no!!!!!”? Please, let me know in the comments.

Photo Credits : Twitter.