Let me take you on a journey

A quest to find my sound

This is a journey of self discovery

And VIV is just the first step

In this body of work you’ll find the raw and uncut versions of me:

The pervert

The emotionally unstable young lad

The cartoon lover

The weirdo

The ex rap wannabe

The short nigga proud of his height

The King of Corny-Ass lines

The Hans Zimmer protégé

The incredible storyteller

The most underrated producer

and the most slept on artiste of recent time.


Let me take you on a journey

A quest to find my sound

It’s been 6 years since I embarked on this voyage

Tried different genres, and I guess my style’s been found

I am not to be put in any bracket

I am an actor with the music

I take on any role I want to,

Trap. Rock. Classical; my music is therapeutic

People take one look at me and begin to doubt my abilities

I mean, who wants to take someone who named his project VIV by writing his height in

Roman numerals seriously?

I understand, It all makes sense to me

In due time, you’ll realize you’ve been sleeping on a prodigy.