Don Jazzy

Then: Affiliate of London’s JJC & 419 squad. Partnered with D’Banj and the rest was history.

Today: Continues to recruit artists as he builds the Supreme Mavin Dynasty. Is considered an OG producer and one of the best record label heads around town.


Then: Moved back from London and captured the music industry.

Today: Less of a musician, more of a business man.

Wande Coal

Then: Came in as a budding star on the Mo Hits roster and with his contributions on numerous features and finally his 2009 debut album, Mushin To Mohits, became one of the biggest names in the Nigerian music scene.

Today: After the split, Wande went with Don Jazzy and was initially signed under Mavin Records before a falling out that reared its head in the form of tweets. Successful by most metrics except when we look back at Mushin to Mohits which gave the suggestion Wande was the next big thing which he just has not met despite huge tracks like 2016’s Iskaba.

K Switch

Then: Lukewarm artist who never managed to really excel on his own and essentially remained one of the backup singers.

Today: D’Banj’s brother naturally went with his brother. Signed to D’Banj’s DB Records and been quiet ever since save for baby mama drama.


Then: Had his fair share of successful records with tracks like Omoba and Jonzing World. Dominantly remained in the shadow of his brother, Don Jazzy though.

Today: Signed to Mavin Records and for the most part unable to command any major attention.

Dr Sid

Then: Came to fame with Eldee’s Trybesmen. Achieved modest success in the Mo Hits days and held his own with records like Winchi Winchi and Over The Moon.

Today: Signed to Mavin Records and has tested the waters with acting. Past his prime but reminds us he’s still got the talent every now and then with a decent release most times bolstered by the presence of another star on the record.