Amidst the recent sensitization and rush towards politics of Nigerian Youths, Mr Eazi takes cues from the lackadaisical methods of leadership of most Nigerian politicians exemplifying this in his just released audio and visual share of weekend crowd controlling bops titled Keys To The City (Ogede) in which he takes on the character of a power drunk frivolous presidential candidate in the fictional city of Ogede.

While the comedic ambience created by his lacklustre but engaging metaphorical lyricism laid on a meshed scoundscape of pipey synths and bass drums coupled with the private party of dancers and dotting scene extras might be inviting, Mr Eazi’s underlying message hinting at the treacherous powerplay disguised as ‘Politics’ in the world today is far from comedic and very powerful.

There’s no more engaging way to herald the coming of the second volume of his Life Is Eazi Mixtape than an upbeat track peddling political sensitization.