Nigeria is one of the only countries that got more than one or two jerseys from Nike ahead of the World Cup. While everyone is already tired of the yet to be officially released kit, the facts are the facts and we must state them. After the NFF’s claim that Nike had received over three million pre-orders, there are suggestions there was a Nike rebuttal stating that they do not accept pre-orders. All that’s cool and fun, however, tomorrow, on the 1st of June 2018, the Nigerian World Cup Merch shall go live on Nike’s website.

The first piece of the collection, the Hurley Phantom Nigeria National Team Men’s 18″ Board Shorts are already live and going for $65 a piece. Currently slated to go on sale tomorrow include The Nigeria Tribute tracksuit which will cost $75 for the joggers and $105 for the jacket. In terms of jerseys, the male away jersey shall retail at $90 alongside the female home jersey. Shorts for these jerseys shall sell at $50 and it is believed that the male home and female away jerseys will sell at the same price points as their alternates. The final piece of the Nigerian World Cup Merch shall be the Dri-FIT Squad Men’s Soccer Top.