Olamide’s Science Student alongside Kiss Daniel’s Yeba have been the songs with the most impact on rhetoric in the two months of 2018 thus far. Many have called for bans for Science Student as a result of the suggestion that it was a pro-drug record. Countering, Olamide stated categorically that the record was geared towards creating discourse and urging against drug use, citing the to-be-released video as proof of his intent.

With the video now in circulation, Olamide’s direction is clearer. The video Olamide starts off with B Banks and some other friends who seem to be stranded wandering into towards a light source in the middle of nowhere. In true thriller fashion, some bats strike and all Olamide’s compatriots abandon him as he continues to go forth and soon discovers a psychiatric institution. Baddo then proceeds to liberate patients from the institution he stumbles on however, in some form, the rhetoric is problematic. While in some cases, there may be a relationship, the video presents the idea that drugs are the root of seemingly all mental breakdowns which couldn’t possibly be farther from the truth.

Barring its unforseen implications, the Unlimited LA directed video is one of those videos that comes around ever so often and the creativity and execution is impressive.