Omoni Oboli & AY To Make Hollywood In Animated Movie, ‘Elliot: the Littlest Reindeer’

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Omoni Oboli

It’s almost Christmas and we foresee a lot of mediocre, animated Christmas-themed movies premiering soon, getting a pass, and racking up significant theatrical grosses, because after all, who can resist a Yuletide movie with the word “reindeer” in the title?

Hopefully, such won’t be the case for Omoni Oboli and comedian, AY Makun‘s Hollywood debut movie, Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer. 

The Nollywood stars are set to be among the performers providing the voices for this animated film about a miniature horse who dreams of becoming one of Santa’s reindeer crew.

The story revolves around the titular character (Hutcherson), who is not actually a reindeer but a miniature horse who dreams big. Elliot becomes inspired to take part in a competition of which the prize is becoming one of Santa’s reindeers. There are plenty of job openings since Blitzen (Short) is retiring to open a juice bar in Florida, Donner (Cleese) wants to move to an ashram to find himself and Prancer simply needs some “me time.”

Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer

Accompanied by his wisecracking but supportive best friend Hazel (Bee), a goat with a rapacious taste for food including tin cans, Elliot travels to the North Pole to try his luck while outfitted with fake antlers. It’s probably a wise move, since his home, the Whitty Bitty Farm petting farm, is in dire straits. Its owner Walter (Darren Frost) may be forced to sell it to an Eastern European woman (Short) who covets the property for all the wrong reasons.

The movie also stars Josh Hutcherson, Samantha Bee, Martin Short, and is set to premiere on the Dec. 14.

Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer

Watch the Trailer below:



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