PDP passes the night in National Assembly to stop Saraki’s impeachment

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Members of the People’s Democratic Party in the National Assembly sleep over in assembly complex to curtail the possibility of impeachment proceedings being initiated against the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki.

Philip Aruwa Gyunka, senator representing Nasarawa North senatorial district, made this revelation when he presented his letter of intent to contest the governorship seat of the state to the officials of the state PDP.

He said, “I woke up this morning from my night shift and I will still be going back to my night shift. That is to say we are keeping vigil. We are rotating the shift among ourselves. “As regards to what they are saying about impeachment, it is not possible because the international community is aware of their plot.

“Don’t be discouraged. They will intimidate you as they do to us. Like myself, I don’t know how many times they have been calling me. We didn’t know they have come to truncate democracy. But the Senate president, being a product of PDP, has come to the rescue of the situation.”

Gyunka also told the PDP supporters what he would bring to the office of the governor of the state if supported “the heart of a servant who had known hard times, tasted poverty and acquired requisite discipline to govern.

“I shall bring the benefits of my vast experience as an economist, banker, and a legislator at both state and federal levels to reform and transform the state. I will bring a new vision and new direction to governance that will be truly democratic, representative and professional to deliver and redeem the state from its downward descent.”

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