The bromance that exists between two of the hallmarks of contemporary indigenous Igbo music in Nigeria; Phyno and Flavour is an enviable one that transcends the confines of familial interaction into the clutches of commercialization. Since both artistes stepped onto the scene, the clamor for collaborations and penchant of artistes to feature them as a duo in songs was almost natural seeing as there is more than one artistical similarity between both of them. Collaborations that are still running into this year.

Fresh off their tuneful contributions on Deejay J Marta’s crowd controlling single; Ani, the pair are joined again for the video to DJ Derekz’s single; By My Side, released earlier this year; a love narrative syncopated with the steady strum of bass guitars.

The panoramic monochrome slow paced video directed by Patrick Elis witnesses a replication of the synergy shared between Phyno and Flavour in every relationship that exists in their love take.

Their laidback But impressionable presence in the video and the track itself is enough to fill every loophole existing in the song and it’s yet another attestation to how in sync both artistes are.