The tales of Queen Amina of Zaria is one of trust in her military configuration, reliability in her command, faithfulness to her people, security within her earthen walls and the protection of her empire. Amina was a renowned military strategist of Nigerian historic relevance as she was a warrior and more of a ‘king’ than most men.

Within 3 months of ascending the throne following a series of events, Amina led battles against neighboring states, and her strategic military ideology saw her building walled forts (some of which still stand till today) around the newly claimed territories after her successful conquest. Towns were said to have grown within these protective walls. These conquests led to the incredible wealth of the Zazzau (now Zaria) empire, because conquered territories had to pay tribute to her empire, and “owning” these settlements opened trading routes. With frequent expeditions into other lands, Amina enlarged the kingdom and domain of Zazzau to its largest size ever.

Amina (born around 1533), was such an epic character that she became the model for a international television series about a fictional warrior princess called Xena.

Indigenously, we see talented filmmaker Izu Ojukwu immortalize the live of the warrior Queen. The cast includes the likes of Lucy Ameh, Ali Nuhu, and Clarion Chukwura to mention a few. The just released trailer is brilliant and leaves you anticipating the movie. We appreciate the fact that we are taking the mantle and telling our own stories.

Watch the trailer below.


Photocredit: Konbini