Many of the releases from New World No Politics Mob and Traplanta thrive on their ability to draw in listeners with signature psychedelia inspired soundscapes that inspire non-conforming rap showings. When New World Ray, Maison2500, and KA$H link up on Johnny Dang, they stay true to their unwritten non-conformist mantra.

Set in attack mode, New World Ray sweeps in with signature hazy vocals, setting the pace for the rest of the group to blend in with the bouncy and electronic soundscape that gives credence to their gritty bars which they mirror in the equally psychedelic video, cast in intense kaleidoscopic lights.

Despite being early on, the year looks promising for both New World No Politics Mob and Traplanta with Johnny Dang, the visuals for New World Ray’s Infatuation and Maison2500’s Beamer being let loose in the first quarter and a tone of consistency being set.