Reservoir Dogs is an impressive, abrasive gangster movie that proves at most that human nature would always dissolve the most strategic plan. As Quentin Tarantino’s first feature film one could say it’s an impressive debut in cinematic history. This brutal crime thriller is not for the fainthearted as a lot of gory images ideal for spine-chilling scenes.The rare excitement of complete and utter joy that bursts through the soul when watching movies is exactly what you get when watching a Tarantino film. Every scene is more thrilling than the next and the ending to all his movies leave you livid.

Tarantino’s films usually follow non-linear plots which is very much his selling point. Writer and Director Tarantino has made it point blank that he’d be making only 10 movies in his Directing career, the hateful eight being his 8th film. According to Rolling Stones his 9th movie will be based on the cult leader Charles Manson and the Manson family murders in 1969.

Reservoir Dogs happens to be unpredictable throughout, it starts off with a group of Caucasian men in a diner having a meal before they go through with a clever plan to rob a jewelry store full of diamonds. The suspense is quite unbearable as hardly anyone trusts the other. The boss then makes sure that each of them has a pseudo name just in case someone tries to snitch and snitches get spilled. So each man gets a color , Tarantino happens to be Mr Brown which is ironic but without a doubt Tarantino wanted to be black in his other life.

It turns out without fail, they are to steal the diamonds and meet right away at an a bodied warehouse. What strikes me the most about Reservoir Dogs is the dialogue and the acting. They play their roles so well that I am utterly convinced they have killed and that they are in fact gangsters.
For the dialogue, they distinctly speak on issues they’ve come to terms with like for example how Black men treat Black women and how a white woman cant handle what a black woman can.

Rotten Tomatoes gives reservoir dogs a splendid 91% with the average rating from the audience as 4/5. Tim Roth plays Mr Orange who bleeds profusely almost throughout the picture. Mr pink played by Steve Buscemi spends most of his time on screen panicking about the diamond heist and about absence of professionalism in their line of work. Mr Blonde played by Michael Madsen on the other hand is a complete psycho who seems to complicate the heist by having a cop in the trunk of car.

One things for sure, we’re glad Tarantino didn’t stage Reservoir Dogs as a play.