Popular Lagos prophet, Primate Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has urged Senate President Bukola Saraki to contest the forthcoming presidential election or risk the wrath of God.

Prophet Ayodele, who boasted of having a foreknowledge of what is happening now in the country, asserted that God has made up his mind to use Saraki to develop the country.

“I want to tell Saraki now to make up his mind, because God has ordained him to help this country. He should come out to contest for president. It’s not by noise. At the moment, he is the one who can move Nigeria forward.

“So, I want him to take the bold step and make up his mind or else, God would deal with him. I don’t make predictions; I give prophecies. However, I am not God. God can choose to delay when fulfilling certain prophecies.

“What is happening with the administration of President Muhammad Buhari, God had told me and I said it; these things are happening now. Everything happening in the country now has been foretold.”

Source: Dailypost