Africa Dialogues 2017 ‘Dreams We Dare Not” is an African thought-leadership platform that focuses on broad-ranging discussions on governance and human rights, education, youth unemployment, infrastructure, public health, gender and income inequality, Africa’s economies and urban development towards helping our continent attain AGENDA 2063 and SGDs 2030. The speeches featured the very best of Africa, in the persons of Emmanuel Awumee (unemployment is a resource), Obeng Ampofo (Let’s Talk Depression), Yasmin Kumi (Dreaming More to Develop More), Rev. Dr Ocansey (The Comfortable Darkness), Aisha Addo (Not Your Stereotype) to mention a few. One that caught our eyes however was Sarkodie (Consistency).

Although titled Consistency, we strongly believe the core of his message was on Energy and Mindset. At the beginning of his speech, he uses visuals (both images of himself) to set a basis upon which he would build to buttress his point. With his calm demeanor, and constantly clasped hands, Sarkodie excels in articulating his life experiences and the importance of a dominant mindset and positive energy in all spheres of life.

If you lose focus and mess up your state of mind, you will lose consistency

Watch and gain a key or two.