Alongside his just released 4th studio album, Sarkodie changes the game with 6 spanking new videos off of his 19 track album – Highest. The videos are Glory, Baby Mama, Ur Waist, We No Dey Fear, Come To Me, and Overdose. A lot of work surely did go into churning out this amount of work.

Glory featuring Yung L:

In black and white, Sarkodie and Yung L give genuine emotional interpretation to this already moving narrative. With their preppy looks, both artists exude a certain level of swag that just works. Sarkodie comfortably carries the weight of the video, with Yung L providing a complementary level of cool. We also see Sark’s little angel Titi who is serving some serious baby girl vibes. Directed by Ikone Agency, Glory is surely a good watch.

Baby Mama featuring Joey B:

Also in monochrome, Baby Mama is directed by David Nicol-Sey. Nothing extraordinary is happening in the video asides Sarkodie and Joey B each having ladies by their side, who I believe to be a depiction of (you guessed it) their baby mama’s. The video displays the chemistry shared between them and their women.

Ur Waist featuring Flavor:

The song features Flavor and is titled Ur Waist, it is not rocket science to decipher what this video is expected to look like. Well, since you asked, I will tell you. The video features a handful of beautiful women doing some amazing things with their “bodies”. If this video were to be described in one word, that word would be – tempting. If there is any other factor that can be pointed out, it would be the little airtime Flavor was given. Even during his verse, I feel as though it was not enough.

We No Dey Fear featuring Jayso:

One of my favorite videos at the moment, We No Dey Fear is the kind of video you watch and can’t get enough of. We see 3 distinct “unknown” characters that offer a new meaning to the word urban. The cinematography is brilliant with the inclusion of a few inclusion monochrome shots. Maybe an obsession. Who knows? The message in the video is clear. Watch to find out.

Come To Me featuring Bobii Lewis:

Alexx. A directed this. Come To Me is the only video that features white girls (not like we see color, but you get the point). The video is basically just one huge trope. What was exciting for me to see was the presence of a female b-boy, something I had never seen before. Really exciting.

Overdose featuring Jesse Jagz:

Ever seen a space man dressed in Ankara from top to bottom? Well, you can cross that of your crazy-sightings-list, because it is the first thing you see in this video. Directed by David Nicol-sey (again), Sarkodie does Africa proud in this one. In my opinion, the space man might be reminiscent of Sarkodie and his absurd sound (as the space man is seen with a radio set) traversing through different facets of life. As interesting as the video is, it does not feature Jesse Jagz. I honestly feel like his presence would have just been that dodo topping on this Ghana Jollof.

If there is anything that translates through all these videos is Sarkodie’s astounding dress sense.