The conversation about police brutality has been ongoing over the past six months particularly on social media. While it appeared as if there was some tone deafness on the issue from the authorities, the arrest of a SARS operative known as Charles Omotosho on Friday 18th May, suggests the powers that be are in some form paying attention to the masses.

After complaints from a user on the 16th of May, stating that she was extorted by the said police officer while on her to a photoshoot geared at the Assistant Commissioner of Police for the state, Yomi Shogunle, actions were taken.

In response to the tweet, Yomi Shogunle revealed that the said police officer had been taken into custody and was now being investigated.

It’s definitely impressive that the case is being further investigated and helps to introduce some much needed accountability, the question however, is how much information shall we receive on the actions taken against Omotosho if any at all.

In the same vein as the case was amplified to reach the right people, we must also guarantee that we get results.