Shatta Wale, with his new single just confirmed that hate and an over exaggerated perception of envy/strife is an integral part of his ability to churn out music. I mean, which normal person will pay this much attention to negativity? The answer to that was Timaya, but now Shatta Wale seems to be wearing that crown.

With was is a compilation of Kiss Daniel’s Raba and his like my tin, self acclaimed African Dance Hall King – Shatta Wale releases a rather vocal diss track targeted at Wizkid and the song is hilarious!

“Oga forget that superstar thing, your superstar sef like sardine.

If Wizkid be your God, me I don’t know

See this Oloshi dey make (do) too know…”

If these lyrics don’t convince you to listen to the song, then take a second to think about the fact that Shatta Wale references Instablog, David Oyedepo, Wizkid, him being locked up in a room to fight Wizkid all in one song. Joker.