The popular web series is now being teased in front of its loyal fans for the fourth season and everyone’s excited!

Skinny Girl in Transit debuted Jul 16th 2015 on YouTube following the weight loss journey – as the name implies – of an On-Air Personality, Tiwa. It was an instant hit since it was so relatable to many. With the character and plot development, the show took a little turn towards Tiwa’s love life. Although a bit misleading as per the title, the show was able to maintain its following and views.

This season’s trailer begins with Tiwa on the most famous weight-loss joint in Lagos, the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge. In the trailer, she’s approached by a hunky “Ayo” but the flirt session was cut short when Mide came jogging into the picture. Perhaps there’s a new love triangle brewing? The trailer goes on to preview a couple more funny and heart-breaking scenes.

From last season’s storyline playout, we see that Mide and Tiwa’s love lives have definitely developed – since it ended with both characters dumping their lovers at the time. As if Ngozi Nwosu’s “Yoruba movie outbursts” aren’t enough to keep viewers, Beverly Naya is joining the cast as a “seductress”.

The first episode will be out September 29th. Before then, check out the trailer below.