Of the new wave of female musicians making rounds in the industry these days, Solis is one who stands out and this isn’t as a result of the mellifluous quality of her vocals but in the way she wields said vocals as her weapon of choice in musical deliveries. In this particular case; My Love Letter To You, Solis pens down her feelings for her muse on a smooth plane of bass drums cushioned by calm keys and whispery ad-libs that gives off a spacey ambience as opposed to her riotous feelings.

If you’ve been paying attention to the underdogs in the alternative scene who are gradually separating themselves from the shadows that cloud their brands, Solis wouldn’t be a strange name to you. With her rising affiliations with the more pronounced names in the said scene, it’s clear her mission is to make herself heard and at her current rate ruled by transparency and talent, she’s likely to steal a top spot for herself in the industry very soon.

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