Somadina Takes A Deep Dive Into Her Emotions

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Somadina takes a deep dive into her emotions after a tumultuous rollercoaster relationship with an ex who left her to rot on IHY yielding in a soundscape on which she bares her soul & hones her vocals to blend with her feelings. 

IHY is packing all sorts of soulful emotions and embodying Somadina’s hurt because as she belts out her pain in a cadence that takes the shape of her feelings, the thumping 808s and reverberating synths climb in rhythm creating a unique harmony of vocals, emotions and sound. 

IHY is Somadina’s debut single and it leaves a great impression in the mind of the listener seeing as it depicts her as someone who knows her onions and not a starter. We can also see that she is unafraid to delve in a dimension no one does for a debut single. The R&B and soul track might see her voicing her disconnection from an ex but will help establishing lots of more connections with new fans.



  1. temi adeola says:

    she’s so bloody amazing, i’ve been shook since the day this came out

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