Liverpool born future R&B superstar Tayá has announced her self-titled debut EP, due for release on 1st September 2017. Released in anticipation of the EP is the video of ‘When Ur Sober’ featuring East London rap talent – YXNG BANE.

When ur sober is an ode to love and regret, showcasing Tayá’s vocals, as well as her knack for heart-wrenching lyrics and alluring melodies. It explores the renown rocky patches in relationships where one party finds themselves needing reassurance, and not exactly getting it. To this, she beckons on the significant other to say all these nice things, not just in ecstasy or in the company of darkness and privacy, but when ur sober.

The track was created with the U.K. song-writing powerhouse Wayne Hector, rising songwriter Emma DD, Scandinavian super producer Arnthor Birgisson and long-time Tayá collaborator Diztortion. Great injustice will be served if in mentioning this song, the contribution of Yxng is overlooked. The east-london born rapper does not shy away from delivering witty lines on this sensual song.

“.. and there’s no I in team, and there’s no I in we unless we’re speaking French, and we hardly speak”.

For what can only be speculated to be her favorite color, there is a dominance of the color pink throughout the video. We also see Tayá look and feel like Aaliyah – sporting the signature white ensemble and long black straight hair. She serves dish after dish of sultry looks accompanied with equally palpable lyrics. For those of us geeks, the video is arraigned with quite a number of easter eggs (noun – an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus). Upon close attention, you will notice the lights on the TV screen, and the bulb flickering to the beat, as well as the leaves at certain times in the video. This orchestrated art-form enhances the breathtaking chemistry both artists display in the video.

Photo Credit: Twitter @GUAPMAG