DJ Tiz Facilitates A Necessary Odunsi-Dami Oniru Reunion On Casted

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the debut single off dj tiz's upcoming ep is phone up, a track featuring Tay Iwar

On Dj Tiz’s Birth of Tizzy  project, which dropped a little over a year ago, he crafted an eclectic blend of sounds and mixes, opting to show off his versatility, rather than favouring one or two specific musical genres/styles. His latest release Casted, the second single off his forthcoming Apex project, and a follow-up to up its lead Tay Iwar-assisted single Phone Up, suggests that he might be up to similar tricks this time around, as neither single is remotely like the other. On the new single, he features Odunsi (who also produced the track) and songstress Dami Oniru – both of whom previously collaborated on Farabale, a track off Odunsi’s Time of Our Lives  EP.

The song is summery and infectious, with production which gives it an upbeat feel and rhythm that makes it hard to sit still, and in that way, represents a stark contrast to Phone Up,  its darker and more mellow predecessor. It also centres on a recurring narrative trope of a love triangle comprising a male lover, and two women whose affections he secretly juggles. Complete with all the drama and messiness that ensues when the secret comes out.

Listen to Casted  below

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