Released on the 28th of August, Fargin is simply a feel-good sound on its own. It is highlife. It is funk. It is everything we were teased with on her Instagram and so much more. Through out the song, we are able to experience her strong vocals, her hypnotic sway with words, as well as the ingenuity of Mystro.

Fargin here, is an adaptation of the word Virgin and it is a melodic conversation between a suitor and his suitee. This conversation begins with the suitor’s promise of marriage, seks and a few other things, to which her response is simple…

“Don’t take it personal, I just want to get to know you more”

With a sibling like Niniola we can only expect greater things to come from Teni in the near future. This song is definitely here to stay, and deserves a spot on your playlist.

After showcasing her story telling ability in crafting this highlife masterpiece, the video is set in a retro indigenous settlement, with an admirable face beat and a few gold rings serving as a distinction between both Teni’s. Yes, there’s two Teni’s. Interwoven into the easygoing lyrics and comical animation of the same, the video still holds a high moral ground.

Directed by Adasa Cookey, Fargin shows an admirable level of vulnerability that Teni personifies with her gracious carriage on camera. The cast, crew, and Africanness of this video all comes together to produce a beautiful work of art. Enjoy.