The Face As Text: An exhibition by Bialere

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The Face As Text is an exhibition which showcases the works of photographers Noma Osula (Nigeria), Lawrence Agyei (Ghana/USA), Logor (Nigeria) and Yannis Guibinga (Gabon/Canada).

Initially a digital project, Bialere which can be loosely translated to Come and See in Igbo set out to locate young and upcoming photographers with the intentions of providing a platform that showcases their work and an African point of view. This is part of a concerted effort to encourage the creative arts movement within Africa and the Diaspora, to provide young Africans with spaces to tell their own stories, support their creative entrepreneurs, and view themselves through their own lenses. Bialere aims to illuminate new and different perspectives on the continent along with highlighting young talent.

Featured photographers are at various stages of learning and mastering their craft. The Bialere mission is not to seek out the already accomplished, but to encourage the promising. Expanding beyond a digital presence by hosting exhibitions on behalf of these photographers, this is a step further to encourage the creative African youth.

The Bialere exhibition was founded and curated by Yagazie Emezi and the exhibition was designed by Ada Umeofia.

The exhibition is being held at Cafe Neo, 16 Akin Adesola St., Victoria Island, Lagos from August 01 – 07, during the hours of 7am – 8pm.

If you’re out and about in VI, stopping by to see some talented African photography won’t be a bad idea. Silent auctions are also taking place for interested parties so keep an eye out if you’re a collector. 

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Image Credits: Tom Saater.


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