Tidal Might Be Coming To Nigeria Soon

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When Tidal launched in the United States more than 3 years ago, it added a gateway to the elite world of streaming & download services of topnotch music (audio & visuals). It’s arrival took a positive spin in the western world where the service was available to a financial stratum of individuals who could afford to subscribe to its periodic plans & adversely, in less developed continents like Africa, an uproar, seeing as we were promised a latter launch. 

While critically acclaimed albums like The Carters, The Life of Pablo,  Lemonade, Anti etc were released exclusively on Tidal before other platforms could have them which had those with access basking in the novelty & elite secrecy of listening to exclusive music, those without yearned for when these project would be released on other basic platforms. 

It’s likely that the time of yearning is finally coming to an end. Albeit exclusive to Eastern and Southern Africa, particularly Uganda and South Africa, we assume & hope that Tidal will spread its wings to encompass all of Africa. For us in Nigeria, the business of music streaming is highly monopolized & is in fact a sign of opulence with Nigerians having access to no more than Apple Music, Deezer & Spotify (For those who have been fortunate enough to cross the borders of this country to the West). 

With the coming of Tidal in partnership with MTN to Uganda, which is aimed at granting diverse periodic plans to an estimated 10.5 million MTN Users complete with a 30 day free trial, we hope to see a push in the competition between streaming service providers in the continent & eventually, a variety of affordable services Africans, especially Nigerians can choose from. 

This is an unofficial request to Ugandans who might come across this to ‘have at it’ with Tidal so the success of the launch can push the major stake holders to spread their wings across Africa. 


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