Joseph Nunez, a University of Southern California professor was the lead author of a new study that looked at thousands of hit songs from the past 50 or so years, and he believes he had the answer. “Songs that are more repetitive do better”. He posits that the more times you sing a word, phrase, or even chorus, the better the song will do in the charts. Rihanna’s Work epitomises this theory, as well as (as much as I hate it) Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off. With what is now looking like a trend, I posit that this is Wande Coal’s strategy.

In similar fashion to My Way, Iskaba and many more of his hits, Wande Coal implements this “winning” strategy in his release of Oh No No. The song begins with his infamous chants and builds the anticipation of what is to come. As earlier forecasted, the song has a rather repetitive yet entertaining hook that sticks like velcro. Wande is also auto-tuned to perfection. I love it.

Listen Below.