One of the singles of Juls’ debut project, Leap of Faith was Early featuring Maleek Berry and Nonso Amadi. Alongside most of the other records off the tape, we saw sublime production from Juls accompanied by impressive vocals from the featuring acts. With the project’s time out creeping towards four months, it seems its the right time to begin to release video material and serve as an additional push. However, one of the problems Juls faces is the fact that most of the acts on each song are based in different parts of the world. That could explain why Nonso Amadi, Juls and Maleek Berry never feature in the same frame in this video and this is the first track to actually get video treatment.

Instead, Maleek and Juls find two women along the coast and basically go with the vibe as they chill before going on a drive in the simple and visually appealing Tshisz Nelson directed video.