Salt & Truth’s debut doc, ‘Housegirls’ focuses on the exploitation of Child Domestic Workers

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trailer for Housegirls; salt&Truth documentary

In many Nigerian cultures, it is common to find children being used as domestic workers. They tend to have their childhood curtailed while they are subjected to hard labor and denied education. In Nollywood, representation tends to involve using them as a vehicle for stereotypically comic tropes.

Housegirls, a documentary from Salt & Truth, a story-driven production company focused on creating rich, authentic Nigerian stories for a global audience, explores this exploitation of children that has become a norm in our society.

In millions of home across Nigeria, the exploitation of children as provider of arduous, menial labour is quietly, socially accepted. This documentary delves into the social and economic elements that make this gross abuse thrive.

In the trailer, we see a child who sleeps on an almost bare floor in the kitchen, washes cars, dresses a child his age and waves her goodbye as she leaves for school.




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