WavesofAFRO Presents, ‘From The Womb to The Throne’ Spring’19 Collection

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WavesAFRO is a multi-media creative hub, which aims to showcase content inspired by Nigerian culture and history. This includes graphic designs, fashion pieces, and photo and video content.

Since 2016, their clothing brand, WavesofAfro has successfully dropped 7 collections with each collection selling out and their new collection, From the Womb to the Throne will be no exception.

The ‘From the Womb to the Throne’ Spring 2019 collection comprises of long sleeve t-shirts and hats.

With this collection, WavesofAFRO aims to challenge the idea that achieving greatness is a long process and instead, believing that greatness is a quality that already exists within all of us.

You can head up to their website (www.afromovement.com) or their portraits page (www.afromerch.tumblr.com) to view more photos and learn more about the company.

Models: Fefe Fab and Ayo Bode-Disu.

Photographers: Moyin Obey and Major Michael

Styling and Creative Direction: Michael Basola and Martins Basola


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