Ever since WavyTheCreator captured our attention with the lush vocals she used in emptying her conscious in debut and sophomore singles; H.I.G.H and Stay respectively, we’ve anticipated every project she’s promoted and pondered over every one she has released. It’s been months since she gave us a glimpse into her mind in the visuals for H.I.G.H. This month, she inches back into the limelight with a tell all of an emotional battle she fights, using reality as a weapon. 

The vintage themed self directed visuals shot in found footage style sees her navigating solely through kaleidoscopic and psychedelic, thought provoking sceneries that give way to an impressionistic rich sequence of her mind; a mosaic of various emotions and thoughts colliding and as usual we’re impressed by her use of avant- grade elements to create relatable and mind-altering visuals. 

For Wavy in Stay, it’s mind over matter. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnhVAqYID_I]