Why Music Is So Important To Us

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Music is pretty cool, huh? As far as we’re concerned, it has always been a part of this world; every single culture creates sounds of some sort. It’s so ingrained within our vast amount of cultures that it would be a strange, almost dystopian life without any.

When we want to settle down, we stick a few nice tunes on. When we want to get stuff done and need an extra bit of atmosphere in the background; we throw on a little number to get us moving. If we need to add a little drama or comedy to something we’re doing; music is a great way of attaching some extra emotions. It’s a wild concept, really, because it’s just noises. Granted, they’re a collection of noises that make a lovely harmony, but they’re just sounds at the end of the day. It’s so important to us collectively and individually, though.

Over time, music has become more, and more of a superpower in terms of the way each of us value it, as well as how it can sway and affect entire societies. Here are just a few more reasons as to why music and the art of song impact everyone on a daily basis.  

Our Moods Can Change

Have you ever been in a terrible mood and thought that nothing could bring you back from it? Did you then put your earphones in and listen to a few tunes that you like? You may not have been completely healed, but it lifted you a little, didn’t it? It’s an amazing thing. If you’re feeling pretty lethargic, and need a boost of motivation and adrenaline, then upbeat or heavy songs can do just that for you. On the other end of the spectrum, it has the power to bring you down: you could be in the greatest mood of your life, and a song could come on that reminds you of something terrible. That’s never fun.

It Can Influence Decisions And Views  

Because the music industry has become a giant, those in the spotlight are often viewed as demi-gods. The things they say and do can really influence what crowds think. A lot of musicians in the past have used their music to make political statements. This is still happening today and will continue to happen for years to come. A lot of people won’t listen to political rallies or speeches; they will pay attention to an artist if they produce good stuff, though.

It Can Make Us So Creative

Creativity is a huge trait for a person to have. It’s not imperative, but it’s a very useful skill. Music (whether you play it yourself, or just listen to it) can unlock a lot of inventiveness and imagination in your mind. Simply getting piano lessons and working on an ability like that frequently can increase your brain’s knowledge massively. You’re always figuring out ways to make something new, and you’re always trying to create an original piece. Simply listen also open similar doors, because you’re subliminally picking up different bits of poetry that you might then relay in another instance.    

Music Can Boost One’s Confidence

Playing an instrument, singing, or writing a song can make us feel a lot better about ourselves. Whether you perform or not, you’re constantly improving at something and using many parts of your brain to do so. Your confidence in your own ability to do things rises and that transfers to other areas.


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