Yemi Alade is Lovesprung again on Number One

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Yemi Alade has been riding the wheels of fortune lately with a myriad of releases that have garnered her both positive and negative attention and accolades. Barely off the high that comes from a well received release, the Afropop Queen regroups and drops another record today and surprisingly it deviates from her usual offerings; not in lyricism but in flow and sound.

The piano laden track titled Number One finds her crooning and harmonizing about her desire to be her lover’s ‘Number One’ and on a Saxophone spruced plane of acoustics driven instrumentals, she checks off a list that she thinks makes her worthy of this position while reiterating her feelings in the familiar warmth of her signature velvety vocals.

The Afrobeat Entertainer is clearly building up to something with this onslaught of sonic releases and we really can’t wait to watch how it all plays out.


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