Laid-back music has continued to permeate throughout the underground scene. Acts like Blackmagic championed the movement and could be said to have paved the way for the likes of Yinkabernie. With the attention that came with Silhouette,  Bernie is at an instrumental stage that could make his career and has revealed that he is working steadfastly on his debut project which shall be tagged 19 and Over. To continue to remain in the limelight, he taps Lady Donli, Musmah and Bris B on a track that remains perfectly within his vibe tagged Palmwine Chills.

With a refreshingly slow tempo, Bernie, Musmah and Lady Donli offer vocals which have relationships and liquor front and centre before Bris B enters on the final verse and touches on the days of LOS and the only constant thing in life, change.

Yinkabernie continues to differ from the norm and create music he is comfortably with as opposed to pandering to the more radio friendly pop sounds and ultimately, he will be appreciated widespread.