10 Indigenous Content Outfits You Should Know About

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Indigenous Content Outfits

In recent years, Nigeria has gone from having an almost nonexistent creator economy to having a creative scene that’s a force to be reckoned with; this can be attributed to the change in the demand for homegrown content, talent, and platforms. Nigeria is a large country with an equally large demand for consumable online content, and it is that realisation that has led to more people investing and exploring the content creation and production industry. In this article we spotlight 10 indigenous content outfits creating high-quality and entertaining content within the Nigerian creative and media space.

Echoo Room

Founded in 2021, Echoo Room’s primary goal is to entertain you with content that features the very best in entertainment and lifestyle ranging from live music performances to talk shows. Echoo Room is a platform for entertainment industry shows for music artists, DJs, influencers, and much more through their distinct and captivating sessions. They are dedicated to showcasing the very best of African music to the world by creating the ideal platform for creatives.

Madeaux Africa

Madeaux Africa is an urban pop culture, entertainment, and podcast network. They create a variety of content that includes their podcasts Menisms and Lowkey Relatable; web shows Madeaux Reacts, Food Wars, Sex-Ed, Peeker, and Politea, as well as other TV and web content. Madeaux Africa is a youthful and vibrant platform that seeks to educate, entertain and explore for the African youth.

Aktivated TV

Founded by Nigerian photographer Okwuchukwu Martins Dominic, popularly known as Amazing Klef, Aktivated TV is an independent premium digital platform for showcasing new and established talents from all genres & vibes. Their stage is a safe space for both underground and prominent talents to display their work to an audience. They produce many shows including their RED ROOM Live, AKtivated Sessions, and SHOW OFF.

Digi Millennials

Digi Millennials is a definitive media platform that celebrates, elevates, and amplifies African popular culture from across the world. Many African Gen Zs and Millennials all over the world have the same picture of what the world is supposed to look like and they are documenting that idea in the coolest ways possible. They create a wide range of content within the music, lifestyle, film, and tv scene. They also create original shows like OffStage and Interviews with interesting personalities.

Gem Studios

Gem Studios is a fast-rising Nigerian media studio that aims to keep you entertained all year long with talk shows, movies, web series, short films, and documentaries. They currently have two series: This Thing Called Love and Unfiltered. This Thing Called Love follows the journey of an utterly heartbroken Serena who is ghosted by her long-time boyfriend and decides to never love again until an incident pushes her to find love while Unfiltered is a raw and uncensored deep dive into interesting pop culture topics.

Ndani TV

Dubbed the “best in web series” by many Nigerian viewers, Ndani TV is home to some of the biggest original web series out of Africa, including Skinny Girl in Transit, Gidi Up, Rumour Has It, and more. They are dedicated to showcasing the very best of African art and lifestyle through quality entertainment. Apart from their scripted series, Ndani TV also creates a range of unscripted web shows like their Ndani TGIF show and Ndani Sessions.

Rediscover TV

Rediscover TV is built around a mission to tell stories about Africa and Africans you won’t see anywhere else. They are dedicated to documenting the very best informative original series and documentaries that challenge popular opinion. They currently produce two series: New Money and Day In The Life. New Money is a show that follows the life of Millennials across Nigeria and shows how they make and spend their money to inspire people and leave them smarter about managing their businesses, career, and lifestyle. Day In The Life gives you a view of what young entrepreneurs in Nigeria do each day differently to get closer to achieving their goals both in their careers and personal lives.

Glitch Africa

Glitch Africa is a fast-growing content production outfit that aims to redefine the way we create, produce and distribute content. With over 15 million YouTube views, they produce a wide range of content including original podcasts like Surviving Lagos, The Honest Bunch, and Rants Bants Confessions, and web shows and live performances like Glitch Sessions, The Breakdown, To Be Honest, and more. 

Kraks TV

Kraks TV is one of Africa’s top content creation and curation outlets. They are passionate about creating and curating content that is relevant and engaging.  They also strive to provide the best content through their various content channels and shows. Some of their shows include Street Battles, Shoot Your Shots, Kruising with Kraksters, Celebrity Prank Calls, Inside Kraks, Sex Education with Kraks, and more. They also create short films and series. 

Red TV

RED TV is a fast-paced lifestyle channel that puts Africa on the global stage. Proudly associated with the United Bank for Africa, RED TV aims to entertain and inform with content that features the very best in entertainment, fashion, news, design, music, sport, movies, and travel. RED TV collaborates with the most talented visionaries, and creative minds daring to believe in a New Africa, putting together content that reflects it. They have an impressive collection of web series, short films, and original shows. 

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