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Founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, Dr. Frederick Fasehun, has said that the newly-registered Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN, is not to assist President Goodluck Jonathan and his party to secure the votes of the Yoruba in the next election. 

The OPC President and founder described those who label him as a mole of the Presidency in the South-West trying to cause mayhem with the registration of the new party as people with warped mentality.

Fasehun pointed out that he had no special relationship with President Jonathan and was not trying to seek any pecuniary gain from the Presidency by his political activities.

He said: “What I have been doing all my life is to make sure that the South-West is absolutely secure. For people to wake up and say that Dr. Fasehun is setting up UPN to cause mayhem, is irresponsible.

“If I were a disciple of Jonathan who would have stopped me from joining PDP? Should I have gone through all the problems of forming another political party? I would take the easiest way by finding my way to PDP rather than going to find a political organisation that would become an auxiliary to the main party. I would never do a thing like that,” the OPC chief said.

On his relationship with President Jonathan, the OPC founder claimed that he accords Jonathan his due respect as the Nigerian leader, and that there was nothing more between them. According to him, “I have no special or unusual relationship with President Jonathan. He is the President and I will give him his constitutional respect as the leader of this country and that is the end of it.”


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