2018 FIFA World Cup Tickets Are the Most Expensive of All-Time

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FIFA World Cup

FIFA recently released the tickets for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and in the most ridiculous fashion, ticket prices have risen by as much as 16% for foreign fans. The cheapest tickets for the group stages will go for as high as $105 which sees a rise of $15 from 2014. The most expensive tickets on the other hand go for as high as $1100 and this is the first time tickets will ever exceed the $1000 mark.

Like in previous occasions, the host’s residents received heavily discounted rates, with prices starting at approximately $20 USD for a group matches. For a full comparison check out the list below.

Ticket prices for non-Russian residents (Categories 1-3)
Opening match: $220-$550 USD
Other group matches: $105-$210 USD
Round of 16: $115-$245 USD
Quarter-finals: $175-$365 USD
Semi-finals: $285-$750 USD
Third-place play-off: $175-$365 USD
Final: $455-$1,100 USD

Ticket prices exclusively available to Russian residents (Category 4)
Opening match: 3,200 rubles (approximately $49 USD)
Other group matches: 1,280 rubles (approximately $20 USD)
Round of 16: 2,240 rubles (approximately $35 USD)
Quarter-finals: 3,808 rubles (approximately $59 USD)
Semi-finals: 4,480 rubles (approximately $69 USD)
Third-place play-off: 3,808 rubles (approximately $59 USD)
Final: 7,040 rubles (approximately $109 USD)

Source: The Guardian

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