234Jaydaa Reignites New Era with 234

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Since London born Nigerian-German artist, 234Jaydaa burst onto the scene in 2018 with the ethereal Coral, a minimalist number that helped set her apart. who creates a fine mix of Soul, R&B and Pop music with a deft psychedelic twist. She has collaborated with several other artists, lending her distinctive vocals and pen to acts like Lady Donli, Dap The Contract, New World Ray, $hadow and many more.

234 her latest single offers a take on Lagos nightlife in Lagos and an exploration of her state of mind during her four month pandemic-stay in Lagos. Giving background on the process behind the record, she said

“I had a lot of time in lockdown to create and learn new things, much like everyone I know so I decided not to shy away from what I was growing into and indulge in whatever I was diving into. Most of it is about me accepting myself and learning how to be better for the people around me but it’s also about the parts of me I don’t like and that people don’t like as well – I embrace all of it.”

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