4 Nigerian Kid TV Shows That Kept Millennials Glued to Their TV Screens

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These days, movie streaming channels and decoders have made it so easy to create accounts for kids to access their favourite shows and movies. With higher packages, you can even save these shows to watch later. However, for the ’80s and 90’s kids, it was much different. There were no decoders or streaming channels, and only a few local channels aired kiddies shows at specific times which meant if you miss them, you probably had to get the gist from your friends at school. These interesting TV shows and fear of missing out kept a lot of kids glued to their TV screens.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at four of our favorite children’s TV shows:

KKB Show

KKB show was a show for every kid born in the late 1990s to 2000s. Acronym for ‘Kids Know better’, the show was an educating, entertaining and moral-filled show for every kid at the time. The show usually aired on Silverbird Television at 9 am. If you starred in the KKB show then you were championed as a celebrity.

The theme song went like this: Com’on tell me what it is right now. It’s the KKB show coming up right now…So all you KKB wannabees, get ready cause the KKB  is on the heat. The show by kids and for all kids.  Kids know better that’s the KKB.’ and then it would go: who took my meat, my personal meat.

The show had some of our favorite celebrities like Teniola Akpata, Akan Nelson, and Teju Akpata.

Tales by Moonlight

Based on Nigerian folk tales, Tales by Moonlight was easily one of the most loved TV shows for kids. For a millennial kid like Tunde, time for the show meant gathering around the TV with his siblings and cousins to watch the show as they had their dinner.

Many kids could relate to the show as it involved children gathered around trees or open spaces to be told amazing stories by older people who they referred to as ‘Aunty’ or ‘Grandpa’. The most beautiful thing about this particular TV show was that it always had a moral lesson at the end. The show aired by NTA on Sunday evenings and had a melodious theme song that was later sampled in Kizz Daniel’s No do.

Golden Rockazz

Golden Rockazz was a TV show sponsored by Nestle’s breakfast cereal, Golden Morn. It aired on Silverbird Television by 11 am. The TV show was a dance competition for secondary school kids. Each participating school had to submit a number of Golden morn sachets and register to be among the three schools that would be selected for the weekly competition. It was every school’s dream to participate in the Golden Rockazz competition as the various teams competed in dance routines ranging from hip-hop to dance-drama with exciting cheers from the audience.

It was an avenue for children to take some time off to have fun outside their school walls and also hang out with their peers from other schools.

Milo Last Kid Standing

Milo Last Kid Standing was an educative TV show sponsored by Nestle’s chocolate beverage, Milo. It aired on Silverbird at 10 am. The show was an avenue for kids to show off their educational prowess in competition with various schools. The representatives of different schools were arranged into teams to answer questions ranging from Mathematics to English. There was usually a moderator who asked the questions and informed the participants when their time was up. At the end of the competition, a winner is selected based on the overall performance and given personal prizes like milo branded school bags, cartons of milo as well as prizes for their individual schools.

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