4 reasons you should have been at CopaCabana

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For The Culture hosted their inaugural event, Copacabana on the 21st of December at Tickle Bay. The day party saw acts like Odunsi, Santi, Traplanta, New World No Politics Mob, Jinmi Abduls and DAP grace the stage with DJ Wayne and DJ Bristar on the decks. With over 800 people RSVP’ing for the event, it was definitely one you shouldn’t have missed. Here are 4 things we can confidently say you missed out on by not attending the event.

It’s was one of Lagos’ only day parties

Christmas in Lagos is an endless cycle of concerts. Think about it. On the 20th, there was the Beat Concert, 21st, there was Davido and Mr Eazi, 22nd, Nativeland, 23rd, Rhythm Unplugged. It was a pretty tiring cycle of the same kind of events and so CopaCabana came along as a Day Party which is very different from the typical.

You got to watch a generation of younger artists.

Odunsi burst onto the scene this year, he was one of those live at CopaCabana. For most people it was the first opportunity to see what the boy really was made of. Collectives like New World No Politics Mob and Traplanta also came through and delivered interesting performances as well as the likes of DAP and Jinmi Abduls.

Copacabana was free if you wanted it to be.

If you RSVP’d for CopaCabana and didn’t want a cabana, you got in for free. All you had to do was show up. Free drinks were provided courtesy of Patron and LaCasera. It was one of very few events in Lagos where you had to pay nothing and still got something. Oh yeah, there was free wifi as well.

Everything was present!

Yeah, there was more to the day than just music and drinks. With food vendors like Lobster Rolls and Shake Bar as well as the sale of clothes from fashion brands like Garmspot, 90s Baby and The Ascent, CopaCabana was one of very few places in Lagos where you could find such a mix of fashion, food, drinks and dope vibes.

CopaCabana was an extremely successful event and it shall be interesting to see where For The Culture goes with future events having set the bar high with a great launch event!

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