4th Republic: President Obasanjo Wins The Nigerian 1999 Elections And Goes Into Aso Rock

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There’s no doubt that the next 12–18 months will prove to be key in defining the trajectory of Nigeria’s future. Tech and Afrobeats are popping while the President tries to get us back to the farms. Over the coming months, a generation will come of age earning the right to their say in influencing the direction this trajectory will go. The 2023 elections marking the culmination of President Buhari’s two terms will mark a stamp in time.

In that sense, 2022 will witness the horse-trading and politicking that characterize Nigerian politics as the jockeying for the post-Buhari era starts to take shape. It is important that as this takes place, young Nigerians are able to make informed decisions on the leaders of the future while acknowledging the nuances of the past which inform the contemporary political climate.

Enter, 4th Republic – a new podcast produced by us at Culture Custodian designed to fill the gap in knowledge and information around Nigerian politics from a non-partisan lens. Over the course of the coming weeks, we will take a look at the elections which have taken place in Nigeria’s 4th Republic seeking to dig into the events and their wider significance since the 1999 return to democracy.

The first episode, released today, takes a look at the 1999 elections which took President Obasanjo into Aso Rock, making him the first Nigerian to rule in both military and democratic dispensations.

We implore you to please listen to this episode and share it as far and wide as possible to enable us to build a platform that enhances our understanding and ability to make reasoned decisions in Nigerian politics.

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