4th Republic: What is Driving Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

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Last month the 4th Republic—a podcast series hosted by The Culture Custodian—considered in detail the life and politics of Peter Obi, a candidate of the Labour Party tipped by many to win the 2023 Nigerian presidential elections scheduled for the 25th of this month. With only 10 days left until the election, this episode of 4th Republic considers another major contender in the elections, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Progress.

This episode of 4th Republic has Mayowa Idowu, the editor-in-chief of The Culture Custodian converse with Adekunle Adewunmi, a lawyer and political analyst.

Together they consider the nitty-gritty of Tinubu’s presidential ambition, winding the clock back to his childhood, his success as an Accountant, his transition into politics via the 1993 elections, working their way until his time as the governor of Lagos State.

Subsequent episodes of the 4th Republic will focus on the key personalities and issues surrounding the forthcoming Nigerian general elections.

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