5 dates you could implement this Valentine’s Day

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idris elba valentine;s day

Valentine’s is in the air. If you’re married then this is for you! If you’re not yet married, this could get you married as well. Be mindful though because word has it nobody wants to be alone on Valentine’s so people do things to ensure they have a companion on that fateful day. If you just want a Valentine, make it clear before someone thinks you’ve married them uno. If you’ve that someone for this Valentine’s here are 5 dates you could run to ensure its not just another day!

1. Dinner

If you’re trying to be basic, dinner is the way to go, but then, who on Earth wants to be basic? At the end of the day, its your choice. If you choose you want to go this path, most restaurants have Valentine’s Day packages. Normally they’re reasonably priced but if you’re in Nigeria then sorry cos your own is on a Buhari economy level so you might catch a heart attack when you see that bill.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Sooooo, this could be a really fun way to go for Valentine’s but only try this with someone you have a good relationship with if not it’ll definitely not turn out as fun. With this idea, someone needs to take control and own it, you then give your bae hints, I mean we all get how scavenger hunts go don’t we. You could say “Go to where we had our first date” and then leave a note with someone there which redirects your bae to the next location and all this leads up to where both of you then meet up and you have something cute planned. Petrol may be a constraint if you’re in Nigeria and the lack of a car could be a problem if you’re elsewhere but you too look at where you are and plan around its constraints please. Don’t go sending your boyfriend to walk 1 mile when you can implement the plan inside 1 building.

3.  Spa

Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a Wednesday this year so this may be off the cards cos you’re a working fellow or you go to university or something else that nobody knows. If you can make it work though, a trip to the spa with your other half could be great. Ask for side-by-side facials, a full body massage and then go back home and catch some dinner you both make and you know just chill. If you’re in Lagos, it’d probably cost you at least 50,000 for a couples package at the spa and here are two options at Four Points and Clear Essence. If you’re in the UK, couple massages cost anywhere from £80 to £300. To be very honest, you could also be intelligent and put together your own spa night at home. You just need to get what you need, whatever that might be.

4. Play tourist in your city

Yeah, so how about you guys do those things only tourists ever do like go sightseeing and maybe if you’re a bit balanced spend the night at a hotel. In Lagos, you could go to places like Lekki Conservation Centre and the like. If you’re not in Lagos then sorry now, find something where you are that every tourist does but you’ve never thought deeply of. Be careful particularly in Lagos o before you go and run into your friend’s mummy or daddy that’s playing away game and your body will now be scratching you.

5. Visit a museum

This could be cool to do with your love interest. Especially if it’s a museum that houses artifacts you both have interest in. For instance, if I lived in Washington DC, I’d visit the African American Museum with the love of my life because well it looks beautiful and so I kinda like it and the love of my life had better like it too cos what’s not to love about that place. If you’re in Lagos, the only museum I know is Onikan Musuem. I went there when I was much younger and I saw Murtala Muhammed’s car with all the bullet holes and that was pretty fun. I went with my brother though cos back then he was the only one in love with me.