5 GoT Predictions You Can Take To The Bank

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If you haven’t watched both trailers yet you should watch them before you read the predictions.


First of all #spoileralert because all these predictions are going to come to pass. I’m basically a sorcerer when it comes to these things.


1. I’ll start with the easiest one: Jon Snow is going to live again. Everybody knows this. He may be dead now but someway somehow he is going to come back. This isn’t even that much of a stretch because Thoros of Myr (the red priest) managed to bring Beric Dondarrion back to life 9 times or more. Melisandre is a red priestess and so she also has it in her the power to do that and she is at Castle Black with Jon’s corpse. I’m more convinced of Jon’s impending resurrection everyday because the entire cast of Game of Thrones have been going out of their way to tell any interviewer who will listen that Jon Snow is dead. Only in Shondaland are actors nearly as tight-lipped about spoilers as the GoT cast. They are never allowed to say anything, but now all of a sudden they’re all allowed to say this? That said, it would be hilarious if I’m wrong and he is dead for good. I’m not wrong though.

(move on to no. 2 if you don’t want to read about a theory that could potentially be a huge spoiler)

I also think that the R+L=J theory is going to be confirmed this season because there’s a hint in the first trailer that we’ll see a Tower of Joy flashback. R+L=J means that Jon is the song of ice and fire so he couldn’t very well die before the end. Before GRRM trusted the Double Ds with rights to the books, he tested them by asking who they thought Jon’s mother is/was and their answer was what cemented the deal. Jon Snow is a special part of this story and he’s not done yet. If this theory is correct then Jon has a claim to the Iron Throne and it would be interesting to see what he chooses when he comes back. Will he be fighting for the Iron Throne or against the White Walkers? I guess either one is a valid path because whoever ends up being the King of the Seven Kingdoms will determine how prepared Westoros is against the White Walkers. The Lannisters certainly don’t take the Night’s Watch seriously, but Jon would.

2. I believe we’re in for a Stark reunion this season. This is great news because the Starks are better together than apart. Their old gods are stronger in the north. A lot of people on the Internet suggested that Sansa and Theon are headed towards the Last Hearth to the Umbers and that is where Rickon is believed to be residing as well. Wherever Sansa goes I hope that this season we get to see what Rickon is up to, just so we know for sure that he’s still alive. Arya is very likely going to stop serving the Many-Faced God very soon to start seeking her retribution. That place is just not a great fit for her. She’s not ready to lose her identity and she’s out for revenge but the Faceless Men won’t let her murder whoever she likes. She’ll have no choice but to leave as soon as she’s satisfied that she’s learnt enough about how to kill. Maybe once she leaves she’ll also want to go stay with the Umbers! What I’m sure of is Sansa is going to F.S.U. this season. That stands for fuck shit up which is exactly what Sansa will be doing especially if she runs in the Brienne in the woods and takes Brodrick with her. Brodrick is my amalgam for Brienne and Podrick. Anyway, I think Sansa is going to unite northern men against the Boltons, the Freys and maybe even the Lannisters and I think she will win.

3. Jaime is going to die and he may be taking Cersei with him. The only reason I think Cersei is going to die as well is because they keep emphasizing how they came into the world together so perhaps they’ll be leaving together too. Are they the only twins in their whole world? Because the way Cersei keeps using it as an excuse for incest and everything else you would think so. There may be more Lannisters meeting their end this season. I’ll put good money on Lancel and Tommen dying too. It’s about time Jaime died but it won’t be before all hell breaks loose. Cersei will be dealing with everyyyyyyyyyone who came for her. She will be dealing with the Faith Militant AND Dorne because the Sand Snakes killed Myrcella. Dorne wouldn’t be easy though because the Sand Snakes are no pushovers and Prince Doran is three times as smart as Cersei thinks she is.

4. Daenerys is on her way to Vaes Dothrak with the Dothraki who captured her and things are definitely going to get interesting. She may be forced to join the Dosh Khaleen (where all the widows of Khals go) for a while but she’s clearly not going to be there forever because even if Dany dies before the end of the series she’ll die in Westoros as one of the three dragons. The Dothraki follow strength and Drogon is on the loose so he may save her again. Once the Khals see that I suspect she’ll have them joining her army in 10s of thousands. Sooner or later, Daario is going to betray Dany. He is a sellsword and it’s in a sellsword’s nature to do so. Just look at Bronn for example. Daario himself chopped off the heads of the co-captains of the Second Sons as soon as he didn’t like what they had to say. Daenerys is no stranger to betrayal either; she has already faced two treasons from Mirri Maz Duur and Jorah Mormont. I do believe Jorah would be the one to save her from Daario though since Barristan Selmy is dead.

5. We will all continue to not give a shit about the fucking Greyjoys.

Question for season 6: Who is Azor Ahai reincarnate?


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