5 Industries With A Great Future

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Whilst some industries are disappearing, others are growing at a rapid rate. Getting involved in one of these industries could ensure stability and a high income. Here are just several industries that are thought to have a very promising future.



Healthcare is an industry that will always thrive so long as people care about their health. An ever increasing population has resulted in a growing demand for medical professionals. Wages for doctors and nurses are also on the increase in most places around the world making it a good time to pursue medicine as a career.

There are other careers within healthcare that are also thought to be popular in the future such as healthcare administration. There are online courses for such niches as found at the University of Southern California. Medical research and medical technology are also two areas that are thought to boom.


Digital security

As the world becomes more digital, more measures will need to be taken to fight cybercrime. New digital threats are constantly being discovered and digital security experts are constantly having to find ways defend against these new threats. Consequently, it is a constantly evolving industry.

Ethical hacking is one of the most modern skills that is being sought out by digital security companies – this involves testing software against different forms of cyberattack to help find ways of securing it. Courses are now available in ethical hacking as found at colleges such as Abertay University. Cloud security is also thought to be an area of digital security with a promising future as more of us store are data on cloud servers.


Digital design

Digital design is also a growing industry. Our growing reliance on software, apps and websites has led to a demand for digital designers and engineers. This is a trend that is thought to continue as more items in our home become digitised.

Most modern digital design is the work of different professional with different skills – some simply handle the programming behind the functionality, whilst others design the appearance. Both technical-minded folk and creative types can find work  in this industry.


Green energy

There’s a clear shift being made from fossil fuel energy to sustainable energy. Oil is no longer the investment commodity of choice and more investors are pouring their money into solar panels and wind farms. Green energy businesses are already making large profits and it’s one of the fastest growing industries today.

Getting involved in green energy could involve training to understand the engineering side, helping to improve the effectiveness of solar panels and wind farms. Alternatively, you could find work in green energy administration and green energy marketing.


Petcare is also an industry that is one the rise. This is due to millennials having less children and more pets instead. As a result, careers such as dog training, grooming, veterinary care, dogsitting and pet product manufacture have seen big increase in demand.

There are courses to get involved in petcare. The likes of veterinary care obviously require the most studying, whilst the likes of dog grooming can be learnt by taking a short course. 


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