5 Pictures that sum up your experience with Nigerian Service Providers

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Customer service is not a thing in Nigeria. You walk into a bank planning to spend 30 minutes and 1 hour later you’re still there trying to get that service done. We’ll get to that stage in Nigeria eventually, but right now you get to enjoy 5 pictures you’ve definitely felt at the bank, internet service provider, restaurant or almost anywhere in Nigeria sha.



This face is the one you have when you’ve been standing on the line for like 15 minutes without moving one step forward. If you walk into your bank’s branch in VI or Lekki, oh wait, there’s no branch in Lekki so you have to go to VI and overcrowd the already overcrowded ones then you’ll most definitely wear the face of this young girl who looks like someone took her food.


Ope oooooo

A lot of the time, when you go to your mobile provider’s office, you forget there is a living God. You stand in line forever and quite frankly, your whole day is damaged. You then begin to actually ask yourself what you’ve done to deserve this however, just as you’re about give up, they call you and then you look up to God as Funke Akindele is in the picture above.


This is your face when you see that your internet service providers who told you that they provided service across Lagos state do not actually work properly in Ajah. Are they subtly trying to tell you that Ajah is not in Lagos or what?


This will be your face when the attendant doesn’t really know how to answer to your request. You’ll end up giving them this look- like do you not have a braim or something?


Your bank will have you holding your head like this when they didn’t register  your card request when you asked them to and they’re now only doing so 3 days before you travel meanwhile they say it’ll take 5 business days. Your internet guys will also have you like this when your 20GB bundle helps you stream one movie and that’s it.


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